Birding Mogan Gölü

Moustached warbler

As mention in the previous post I went birding with Emin Yogurtcuoglu [ju-urt-tju-olu] on the 18th at lake Mogan. We met at the lake and soon found a baillon’s crake, which was number 404 for Emin in Turkey – so you can imagine that he was excited! But the day wasn’t over – not at all. The aim was as always to find the one pair of white-headed ducks that breed at the lake. Thus we checked the reeds, pond and the lake, but we didn’t see the birds. But we managed to get a moustached warbler, two spotted crakes, woodchat shrike and a ton of little crakes. So three species of crake with 10 meters distance!

Spotted crake

Little crake - male

Emin had to go before lunch, but before he left he wanted to show me a place with meadows and ponds at the south end of the lake. We drove there on wet dirt roads – which were very bad unlike the birding, which was awesome.

Red-throated pipit - male type

There were lots of ducks, shorebirds, pipits and wagtails, waders and warblers. Emin left quite soon, but now I had good time to check the area. Your driving just next to the fields and ponds, so you can get really close to the birds as long as you stay in the car. Good birds included 10+ red-throated pipits, 4 citrine wagtails, lots of feldeggs, great snipe, marsh sandpiper, 3 squacco herons, 2 black-tailed godwits, osprey, 10+ lesser kestrel, 2 long-legged buzzards, spotted redshank, quail (heard), great reed warbler, calandra lark, bimaculated lark, ruddy shelducks and black-necked grebes. There were some 50 different species in the area.

Citrine wagtail

Calandra lark

But the target was white-headed duck, so I went back north to the place, where we found the baillon’s crake as this was the place for WHDs. I couldn’t find the ducks, but I managed to find 2 grey partridges, collared flycatcher, some whinchats and a female-type bluethroat. And last the baillon’s crake made an apperance again. Thus I placed myself in a ditch and eventually the bird walked towards me and at one time I saw it within 2 meters distance – at this point you just quite taking pictures or use the bins and simply enjoy every millisecond of it!

Baillons crake

Thanks to Emin for showing me the place and to Barbaros Demirci for telling me about it in the first place!



One comment on “Birding Mogan Gölü

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Three species of crakes in one day! What an amazing birding trip you are having in Turkey. With these posts, Turkey just made it onto my top ten list of countries to visit for birding.

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