Crazy days!

Well, maybe the head line is a wee bit exaggerated, but seen in the light of the fact that I didn’t expect to see anything the last two days they really turned out to be crazy. Acturally it felt like a good day with lots of arrivels after easterly winds on the Faroe Islands in autumn. The background is that after a few quite good and sunny days yesterday and to day saw some rain in the early morning hours. That has meant that lots of passerines made landfall.

Yesterday we made a family piknik to Lake Mavi. As mentioned I didn’t expect to see much. But somehow I managed to talk my wife into settling down near the almost only reeds  – an area about 30 meters long. As soon as we sat down warblers started coming out of the reeds. First a marsh warbler gave good views, then a cetti’s warbler was singing, and then several savi’s warblers were running like mice – much like what I’ve seen with both palla’s grashopper warbler and river warbler. At one time three savi’s were visible at the same time. After sittig still for a while I managed to get some nice shots. Later a reed warbler, a segde warbler and a great reed warbler also put on a show – and as if it wasn’t enough four night herons and a penduline tit also appeared! And as if that wasn’t enough a splendid male collared flycatcher also made a brief visit to the piknik-site.

I’m sure that that little patch of reeds doens’t support all those warblers, so they’ve most likely been forced down by the rain.

Today I went to a park just outside our house here i Ankara. And the same picture emerged. Three collared flycatchers, one pied flycatcher, one wryneck, one wood warbler and a few willows, blackcaps, lesser whitethroats and chiffchaffs were nice birds.

And as if the day wasn’t good enough a pair of syrian woodpeckers were maiding in a tree in the park. So it feels like anything can show up – even in Ankara! Now the bins are tuned on eastern bonelli’s and rueppels 🙂



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