Finally some birding!


Today I finally had a day of, so I went to Sogusku National Park. It sounded really promising on the internet with wild bears, wolfs, jackals and kruper’s nuthatch. On the way there I stopped at a lake and saw kingfisher, lots of purple herons, ruddy shelducks, 2 great white egrets and other common stuff. At the lake shore I also found 1 flava and 1 thungbergi yellow wagtail and one grey wagtail with lots of albas. The white-headed duck is still to be found.



Sogusku NP is a beautiful forest area in the mountains. It is dominated by pine trees, but not the boring pines I’m used to from Denmark. There were just a lot of birds in the forest. First a male semi-collared flycatcher made an apperance while one out of a total of 7 black vultures soared the skies.


Later two black storks flew by and a few long-legged buzzards appeared as well. But the best thing was the forest interior. There were lots of birds. Two eastern redstarts flashed their red, black and white colours and serins were singing all the time.

The target was kruper’s nuthatch, which would be a lifer to me. There were lots of small birds like coal tits, marsh tits, blue tits, great tits, nuthatch, treecreepers and chaffinches. I had just finished photographing some black vultures, when I noticed a nuthatch with a red chest – yes kruper’s it was. But it was fouraging on the ground and I had a teleconverter on my kamera, so I only got some really crappy pics before it disappeared… But I got it and it was awesome finally to get out and do a little birding!



One comment on “Finally some birding!

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Congrats on the nuthatch. The birding there sounds incredible, please post more about your trip!

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