To travel…

Since last post nothing much has happened on the Faroe Islands. I’ve found one new kumliens gull and one of the birds from Klaksvík has moved to Leirvík. On the 14th I went to Denmark. My hope was that someone would twitch the siberian white-winged scoter at Blåvand on tuesday, but that didn’t happen. But EGA offered me to join him in the early morning on the 15th. We went to Gilbjerg Hoved – the number one migration spot in Sjælland in spring. The morning was nice and blue with lots of birds migrating. Good birds include several wood larks, snow bunting, long-tailed tit, two lesser black backed gulls, taiga bean goose, some stock doves and other more common species.

After Gilbjerg we twitched a snow goose (probably escape) and we also saw a bewick’s swan, two red kites and a great grey shrike. We ended the day with an arctic redpoll at Kronborg, so all in all a good day. Now I’ve moved on to a warmer contry, and todays best bird is a long legged buzzard…



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