Double up

Bad weather has caused lots of gulls to take shelter in the harbour of Klaksvík the last days. Quite a few white gulls have been around and today two kumliens gull-types were spotted from the kitchen window – I wonder if a slaty-backed is out there? Or just a thayers…

Obviously these two birds could have had darker primaries, more obvious banded tails and darker bills. But a key feature when it comes to glaucoides vs kumlieni is to look at the birds basic colour and use that to estimate primaries and tail. Both these birds are pale birds, but both tail and primaries are darker than the rest and the primaries are the darkest feathers on the birds. The contrast between dark primaries and a more pale body (basic colouration) I see as a key feature when it comes to kumlieni. But if it is good enough to get them accepted by the danish rarity commity is another thing…


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