Another day at the office

Yesterday I came home to the Faroes after a visit to Denmark. Nothing much has happened since I left. Rockmund has found yet another little grebe and a grey wagtail and today he found 3 jack snipes. So I didn’t miss anything good. And Denmark gave some good birds including glaucous-winged gull, water pipit, goshawk and some common stuff. So it was worth leaving I think.


But now I’m back at the office and today I checked the patch. The snow covers the entire contry and it is freezing and even the starlings are turning white – but that is good when it comes to jack snipes and I managed to find one in Klaksvík and two at Viðareiði. Other good birds around were a late meadow pipit, a skylark, a slavonian grebe, a bohemian rapsody waxwing, fieldfares, redwings and a flock of two great northern divers. So there are a few decent birds out there, but all in all it’s just another day at the office.

Birding conditions are pretty hard since there’s only about four hours of light – and when you have to photograph once and every bird at least if you want to remain somewhat reliable in other birders eyes – it is a hard time of year. And that’s why I’m going to Tanzania for two months from december to february. I know that good birds can show up – like the Shetland great bustard or a tengmalm’s owl – but the picture below shows that rarities in dec-feb aren’t likely! So I might as well just go to Tanzania so see some more barred warbler – it has been more than a month since I saw the last one!

Rarities in Shetland (borrowed from





One comment on “Another day at the office

  1. Edward says:

    I really wouldn’t worry about missing out on something in the Faroes if you are going to be in Tanzania! Rarity hunting in Europe all seems a bit silly when you can go birding in Africa. Góða ferð!

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