It’s the final count down

Buff-bellied pipit a very long time ago

I still remeber the good old days when pipits were buff-bellied and starlings were rose-coloured. Those were the good old days – some two weeks ago. It is amazing how fast things change. A few days of snow and it’s all over. Well, ok it’s not over. There are just a whole lot less rare birds out there and the chance for eighter Rockmund or me to bump into one of them is a whole lot smaller than earlier in the month, when you couldn’t go outside without finding some good stuff. Anyways, a western bonelli (vestlig bjergløvs), a black-throated thrush and a short-toed lark at Shetland have to mean, that there is still some good stuff around – and I have that weird feeling that there will be something good left before the final countdown. Sibirean ruby has been seen in late october in Shetland and in november in Iceland – could that be the one? Well, if that lesser redpoll from Svínoy will be accepted that will be the a new national record – and that has to count for something. Otherwise nothing much to report except the usural great northern and slavonians…



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