A ray of hope?

I thought this would be the first day since may without any warblers what so ever. I was out for a few hours and saw nothing except two slavonian grebes. Then I went salmon fishing with my oldest daughter and we caught two good fish. The largest was 47 cm. That’s quite allright. But when I had got the second fish I heard a sylvia-teck and soon after I saw a lesser whitethroat in the snow. So there was one warbler left on the northern islands and if there is one there came be more. But look at the barred warbler scub and you’ll understand the conditions. But we’ve received new troops. Øystein Mortensen, a norwegian birder from Oslo has come to attend some meetings. He’s been out for a few hours and has found a late barred warbler and a woodcock. So there are still a few birds lingering and maybe a mega is among them?

Barred warbler scrub



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