Finally a yank!

Halsbåndstroldand - Ring-necked duck - Helsut trøllont


The last two days I’ve been attending a meet about Ramsar ( It is a wetland protection convention or treaty, which aims at protection all kinds of wetlands: bird cliffs, lakes, oceans, fjords and so on. And I even got to sit besides the environemt minister for 3 hours when she hosted a dinner at a good hotel. We got deer-meat, french wine and stuff… not bad at all. Anyways, yesterday we went seeing the island of Sandoy, where there are serveral good lakes hosting geese and ducks. I was put in charge of the bird watching and when showing the swiss, icelandic, greenlandic, danish and faroese delegates the faroese birds I found a  ring-necked duck… not bad at all. I got the less good photos, but good enough to see the bird.

Halsbåndstroldand - Ring-necked duck - Helsut trøllont

Halsbåndstroldand - Ring-necked duck - Helsut trøllont


I had a few moments checking the village of Sandur and it was loaded with passerines. A bluethroat, a siberian chiffchaff, a yellow-browed warbler, a barred warbler and some blackcaps… and that was only during 10 minutes in two gardens… the birds are really out there!


3 comments on “Finally a yank!

  1. Karl says:

    Very COOL Silas!!!

  2. Edward says:

    Sitting next to the environment minster at dinner is nothing, Silas. I once showed the Icelandic environment minister a Polar Bear through my scope :-Þ

  3. Dear Silas, you clown says:

    You see 10.000’s of yanks every year at the Faroes including alle or many of the

    Greenland Wheatears
    Iceland Gulls
    Western Knots
    div. Geese

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