Deja vu

Lesser grey shrike

I anticipated some good birds this morning when I took off to Svínoy. The weather was horrible. Rain and up to 18 m/s, but the forecast said that it would be better later on. And it did. After 12 it didn’t rain at all and the birds started to appear. Well, before that the lesser grey shrike was already locked. It was faithful to its phonewire for its 4th day. But slowly warblers began to burst forth. A reed warbler was flushed from a ditch. A late willow warbler sat in a fench. And to my surprise the  melodious warbler from last trip made a 20 seconds apperance in the easternmost garden, where I also saw it four days ago. But it is like finding a needle in a haystack. To much grass. To few birders (one). The lancey, which was the target species, could way to easily get by unnoticed – and it did – ’cause I’m sure it was there 🙂

Melodious warbler - a needle in a haystack

I came back after 7 hours on the island and found a wood warbler in Klaksvík, but otherwise not much to rapport. A hoopoe was spotted yesterday at Sandavágur, but Rockmund did not relocate the bird later in the day. The next days look very promising for yanks. Høfn [høbn] (somehow f is b is icelandic) has already got a yellow-rumped warbler today, so for those lucky enough to be situated at Suðuroy, the chance of finding a dendroica is very good. But no birders are around, so my best guess that one bird ends up at Vágar, where Rockmund could be lucky to stumble across it… extreme northeast where I live is a no go for yankies…

Wood warbler

Ok, since we’re into the never ending acro-discussions I found yet another acro today. I saw it for some 10 seconds. It was reed/marsh/blyth-size and didn’t call.




3 comments on “Deja vu

  1. Edward says:

    Another good day in the Faroes, better than mine in Iceland yesterday!
    The Yellow-rumped Warbler was in Þorlákshöfn, not Höfn by the way and f is only p in Icelandic in front of a “n” or an “l”.
    Good luck tomorrow.

  2. birdingfaroes says:

    Those finnish lads are perhaps no so much into icelandic geography:

    Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler, Dendroica coronata
    1 at Höfn, 15th record for Iceland.

  3. More acro-fun, nice 🙂

    This one is Reed Warbler for me. Fine pointed bill excludes Marsh. Rather sharp tertial edges and overall plumage tones excludes Blyth’s.

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