Clear out and new arrivals

Yesterday there was a total clear out. A clear day and a clear night meant the departure of the 3 faithfull barred warblers, which had lingered on the northern isles for a few days. The only remaning migrant was a worn chiffchaff at Viðareiði.

The wonderful wizard of Húsavík has had a look into the maps for the future. We has given this prediction:

We can well expect an addition or two to the Icelandic list the next week!!

Therefore I had quite a few expectations when taking Lars Witting a birding tour today. We started in Árnafirði and there we got willow and garden warbler and a  chiffchaff. Well, nothing to write to Iceland about but acceptable anyways. We decided to take the boat to Svínoy, but we could only get 40 min. on the island because Lars should catch a plain and the next boat didn’t leave untill six hours later. So we came, we saw a willow warbler and we left… there was nothing. We continued to Viðareiði and had some fortune. We found two barred warblers. This was the target species for the trip, ’cause Lars had never seen it before. So we were happy and even saw the second barred warbler for more than a minute out in the open. The rest of the story goes like this: We checked every leaf and scrub from east to west (Æduvík to Gásadal) and only found a chiffchaff at Gásadal… to it was somewhat disappointing.

The weather was almost too good to be true. Sunny weather and a blue sky and calm wind from southeast. It should bring loads of birds, but is there a chance that they pass by the Faroes due to the good weather?  Or is this just the calm before the storm?




One comment on “Clear out and new arrivals

  1. Yann says:

    It’s starting now! 🙂

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