Vetrarlaup – winter run

Gulls seen from the kitchen window

YK has started a winter competition in Iceland. The competition comes from the other site of the pond, but it works fine on this site too. It’s a competition to see most birds in winter from 1. dec to 1. march (date not incl). There is nothing much to do anyways, so why not take the the battle with the vikings up north (hólmgonga). Off course they’re lucky to have birds like harlequins, barrow’s goldeneyes, gyrfalcons and ptagmigans, but we have crows and rock pipits. So let’s see who wins. Rare birds should be photographed or accepted by the RC if they are to count in the competition. The icelandic homepage can be seen here:

A late chiffchaff 10th dec. in Klaksvík

The american winter site can be seen here:


Species encountered so far in december:

Great northern diver, fulmar, shag, greylag goose, mallard, eider, merganser, moorhen, lapwing, dunlin, ruddy turnstone, purple sandpiper, common snipe, black-headed gull, common gull, herring gul, great black-backed gull, kittiwake, iceland gull, guillemot, rock pigeon, skylark, rock pipit, meadow pipit, white wagtail, wren, redwing, fieldfare, chiffchaff, crow, raven, starling, house sparrow and common redpoll. 34 species so far.

Dark herring gull



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